Potluck at the Gardenpotluck flier
This Saturday, October 31st, 11:30 am to 1:30 pm
3310 N. Olie
Garden tours!
Face painting for kids!
Scavenger hunt & prizes!
Music by the Bradens!
We’ll have lots of food, so come and eat with us even if you don’t bring a dish.
Bring a friend – everyone is invited.In case of rain: our neighbor, Pat, has kindly offered her home so we can feast together inside and dry.

lettuce c&c growing

The Fall Garden is a beauty this year. We have rows and rows of green; the summer crops are mostly gone, and now it’s the season for leafy greens and root crops. We’re harvesting lettuce, kale, arugula and our signature Kickstarter spicy mix, plus sweet little baby turnips, red radishes and daikon radishes. Soon the first crop of spinach, beets and carrots will be ready. Come this Saturday and see for yourself!

Every week, we start a few more rows of roots and greens to continue the harvest through the winter months and early spring. That’s right – it’s not too late to plant!

Prepare your bed, then sprinkle some lettuce, kale or arugula seed on top, lightly cover with compost or fine soil and gently water it in. The seeds will germinate in a week or two – more slowly than in September since the soil has cooled down.
radishes, french bkfstCovering your bed with floating row cover, solar cones or simply clear milk jugs with the bottoms cut off with make a big difference at this time of year. Covering it creates a micro-climate with greater moisture, warmth and protection from wind – you’ll get quicker germination, and your little seedlings will be ready for eating much sooner.