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Come get your hands dirty with us every Saturday morning!

We meet from 9am-12pm for a weekly CommonWealth work party we’re calling CommonWork.

Meet us at 3310 N. Olie in Oklahoma City.

Yeah, it’s kind of a mystery, how this growing food together thing works. The seeds for CommonWealth Urban Farm (pun intended) began when a little girl across the street from Lia and Allen asked Lia to help her grow a garden in their front yard.

Turns out, people started coming out of their houses to ask what Lia and Mary were doing out there in the front yard. People started coming out of their houses often to check on the garden. And people on the block started getting to know each other and root for the gardeners!

That was 20+ years ago and it’s still happening—only on a bigger scale. Now there are more front yard gardens, and a giant garden of vegetables on what was an empty lot; a hoop house garden on another; a “food forest”on another and a huge flower garden on another!

Most of the work of all this growing is done by volunteers! People come and pull weeds, harvest vegetables, build new beds, plant new crops, water water water, sort and sift compost, pick flowers, greet veggie club members, and whatever else needs doing that day.

Some are quite intimidated when they come. But it’s a gentle sort of place and everyone started somewhere, so coaching and teaching are kind. Learning seems to just happen, as does community. Can’t really explain it. But it’s wonderful. We continue to need help and that’s a good thing, because we’re growing more food and, mysteriously kinda, growing community.

Questions? Contact us at 405-524-1864 or