CommonWealth Partner Farmers

We’re making a big change this year, and we’re really happy about it! In place of having employees to grow our vegetables and flowers, we now have four partner-farmers who will take charge of the vegetable and flower production as their own micro-enterprises.

Jacob, Megan, Tessa, and Elia – CommonWealth Partner Farmers

Jacob will grow vegetables and mushrooms, Megan will focus on flowers, Tesa will continue with flowers and herbs, and Lia will expand the seedling operation plus continue with the food forest and growing some veggies.
It’s been eight years since we started growing food at CommonWealth. We’ve been proud to see how much the farm has grown from our tiny beginnings. But as our work has increased in complexity, Elia has spent more time managing, and less time nose-to-nose with plants and soil. And then there are the costs and paperwork required of small businesses with employees. Shifting to a partner-farmer model is a way to address some of these stress points.

Supporting New Farmers

This change also represents our desire to support up-and-coming farmers. There are many barriers to becoming an environmentally and financially healthy farmer: access to land, to capitol, to physical infrastructure. After eight years, CommonWealth is in a prime position to serve as an incubator farm for these and future partner-farmers. When every person gets to do what they do best, the whole community thrives. We hope this approach brings the benefits of teamwork while allowing ample space for each individual to pursue their own agri-visions.

Where to Find Us

As a result of these changes, we won’t have the Veggie Club – instead, we encourage you to visit the Paseo Farmers Market on Saturdays and support our local growers there. It is a lively, neighborhood market and we are eager to see it grow.

Megan and Jacob, who co-founded the Paseo FM, will have veggies, mushrooms & flowers at their booth, Circleculture Farm. Elia be selling seedlings at CommonWealth this spring, as well as at the Paseo FM. Tesa will have her goods for sale at CommonWealth and other local outlets.

CommonWealth will continue to offer Garden School classes, tours and other educational programming, as well as get-togethers just for fun.
We are forever grateful to our beautiful community and our beautiful earth for the opportunity to continue growing together.