A Call for Partner-Farmers!

CommonWealth Urban Farms is seeking Partner-Farmers for the 2023 growing season. 

6 Partner Farmers pose for a picture

The Partner-Farmer program at CommonWealth serves as a resource for up-and-coming farmers who have the knowledge, skills, desire and enough experience to start their own farm business, but lack access to land and infrastructure. Access to land can be a huge barrier for aspiring urban farmers, particularly in urban settings where land is often prohibitively expensive or perhaps only made available for growing on a temporary basis (often not long enough to build healthy, fertile soil). CommonWealth hopes to serve as a bridge, providing access to land, infrastructure and community support for aspiring farmers.

Supporting New Farmers

Through this program Partner-Farmers gain access to 3,000 square feet of land (divided into smaller plots for the individual farmers) that has been lovingly cultivated, amended, and maintained by CommonWealth using sustainable practices over the past 10+ years. In addition to the land, CommonWealth provides other tangible resources, including a wash station, refrigeration, an irrigation system, and free compost for fertilization as well as intangible resources, such as access to our community and volunteers.

Partner-Farmers will also have the shared experience and resources of the Partner-Farmer team and support from CommonWealth volunteers. Partner-Farmer access to this program is free. The only charge is a modest fee for utility usage.

With this program, CommonWealth seeks to broaden and strengthen access to locally grown food and local food security, by “growing” local farmers.  By supporting new farmers in Oklahoma City and aiding in the creation of new farm businesses, this is a program that has the potential to positively affect the OKC area for many years to come.  More farmers means more choices, more businesses, more jobs, greater food security, greater access city- and state-wide to locally grown food.

If you are interested in participating or would like more information, please contact Mary King (email: info@commonwealthurbanfarms.com, ph: 405-795-2044).