Classes: $10 per adult or $15 per pair. Or volunteer on a Saturday morning, and get in free! 

Fests: free for all ages!


You can sign up to be a CommonWealth patron at the level of $10 and up and receive discounted Garden School admission. Learn more here:

2022 Schedule

Classes held at CommonWealth Urban Farms at 1016 NW 32nd, OKC

***UPDATE: Due to weather, this class is postponed until March 19th.***

March 12th – How to Grow a Vegetable Garden Even If You’ve Never Planted a Seed in Your Life

11 am to noon

It’s actually pretty simple! Elia will cover the basics – soil, water, seed – that guarantee your first garden will be a delicious success. Participants will help plant a container garden that can be scaled up or down, and is suitable for backyards, front yards, decks or patios. Each person will also have the chance to start several pots of seeds to take home. Here’s to a successful first garden!

Veggie seedlings will also be available for sale. 

Instructor: Elia Woods is a co-founder and partner-farmer at CommonWealth Urban Farms. She has been gardening and farming for over 30 years, and loves introducing beginners to the delights of growing food. 

March 26th – Intro to Birding and Bird Migration

10 am to noon

An adult robin sits on a nest with 3 baby robins sitting in it.

The end of March marks the beginnings of spring migration for a wide variety of Oklahoma’s 400+ different species of birds. During this session, we’ll learn about birding, community science, and the wonders of seeing changing wildlife from home. Learn how to help migrating birds through your homes and gardens and explore the outdoors in a fun “first birding” experience!

Instructor: Sean Washington is a naturalist and Science Communicator at Martin Park Nature Center in Oklahoma City. “I’ve always loved learning and exploring more of the natural world and love to share that joy and curiosity for wildlife with others.”

April 9th – Gardening in Community & Garden Construction Part 1

10 am to noon

LaTasha Timberlake, founder of Lillian Timber Farms, will share her experience in starting community gardens in OKC and engaging and empowering people through the power of gardening together.

Following LaTasha’s presentation, we’ll roll up our sleeves for the hands-on portion of the program. If you’ve ever wanted to build a raised bed, learn about container gardening, make a low tunnel to extend the growing season, or build trellises for vertical growing, this workshop is designed to help you do just that! We’ll provide the expertise and materials, and you’ll finish the workshop with new skills to put to use in your own garden. 

Presenter: LaTasha Timberlake is a native to Oklahoma. She holds graduate degrees in Curriculum Instruction and Higher Education Administration. After working in the field of education for over 20 years, she has decided to extend her servitude to her community by creating food educational programming through her non-profit Lillian Timber Farms. She is a certified herbalist, life coach, and practitioner of holistic wellness. She enjoys traveling, visiting art museums, reading books, and cooking.

Garden Construction Part 1 Workshop Schedule

For more information, detailed schedule, and materials fee to buy raised bed or low tunnel supplies, click here.

April 23rd – Garden Construction Part 2  

10 am to noon

Our 2nd hands-on workshop is focused on tools, rain harvesting and irrigation. 

Topics include: rainwater harvesting & rain barrels, building an irrigation system for raised beds, drip irrigation and hand watering, best tools for the garden, tool maintenance and sharpening, and scything.

Bonus: bring your garden tool in need of sharpening, and learn how to sharpen it yourself! Participants in the rain harvesting workshop will be eligible for a free rain barrel!

Garden Construction Part 2 Workshop Schedule

For more information and detailed schedule, click here.

April 30th –   Planting the Path for Pollinators

11 am to noon

The monarch butterfly populations have plummeted at an alarming rate and Oklahoma is critical to their survival. Our great state is centrally located in their migration flyway. Now is the time (before it’s too late) for us Okies to get our hands dirty and help the monarchs! Learn what you can do in your garden and beyond to help save the monarchs! We’ll tour CommonWealth’s own pollinator gardens and each participant will receive a ¼ pound of free pollinator seed mix.

Pollinator seedlings will also be available for sale. 

Instructor: Stephanie Jordan is owner and Bee Herder at Slightly Buzzed Honey & Bee Products. A “Master Mom,” she releases over 100 Monarch butterflies each season. She works with Commonwealth Urban Gardens to select, raise and market many varieties of milkweed.

May 14th – Wildcrafting & Herb Fest 

10 am to noon

A free, family-friendly event for all ages! 

Visit booths on making herbal balms, growing an herb garden, herbal teas, medicinal herbs, and making fresh herb sauces.

Take a walk through our food forest, learn about seed saving, food sovereignty and indigenous foods, starting your own sweet potato slips, foraging wild foods & mushrooms.

Learn how to make traditional foods like poke salad, ginger brew and spring rolls. Try out a solar oven,  and cook food over a campfire.

Kids activities include storytelling with Ms. DWe, leaf rubbings, chalk art, a scavenger hunt in the food forest, and planting seeds to take home.

Learn more and read the full schedule here!

June 11th – Bug Fest

10 am to noon

A free, family-friendly event for all ages!

We LOVE bugs! There are millions of species of bugs in the world, and our gardens and farms, forests and prairies depend on them. Come meet a few of them, and learn about their importance in the circle of life.

We’ll have an array of activities including learning how to make compost for red wriggler worms, watching honeybees make combs, embarking on a Discovery Walk in our food forest, and more! Learn how to make compost with red wriggler worms. 

Learn more here!

July 9th – Beekeeping

11 am to noon

Everything you need to know to be successful in your first year of beekeeping! Tiffany will give an introduction to beekeeping equipment and hive assembly, where to acquire honeybees, basic honeybee biology, and overall hive management. 

Instructor: Tiffany Baxter began keeping bees in 2015 with just two hives. She soon began working with commercial beekeepers across the US, managing thousands of hives. Tiffany is best known for her relocation services, relocating an average of 150 unwanted honeybee colonies a year from structures in Oklahoma. Her goal is to spread love and awareness of our beloved honeybees.

Aug 13th – Plant a Fall Salad Garden

11 am to noon

Fall is a wonderful time to garden in Oklahoma. Vegetables and gardeners alike love the cooler weather, and we (usually!) get rain. Greens and roots grow well at this time of year in Oklahoma and will provide you with delicious salads all through the fall. Knowing what and when to plant is critical to success. Lia will share her fall planting calendar along with tips for veggies best suited for fall & winter gardening. 

Fall vegetable seedlings will be available for sale.

Instructor: Elia Woods is a co-founder and partner-farmer at CommonWealth Urban Farms.

She has been gardening and farming for over 30 years, and loves to help home gardeners become more successful in growing their own food. 

Sept 10th – Raising Butterflies

11 am to noon

There is magic in the Monarch chrysalis! Were you one of the lucky children whose teacher kept one in the classroom? Not only is it a beautiful experience, raising butterflies is helpful! Fewer than 10 percent of monarch eggs and larvae will survive to become adult butterflies, largely due to predation of the larvae. Raising them in an indoor habitat boosts survival to rates well over 90 percent. A panel of experts will show participants how and where to look for butterfly eggs and larvae and how to support them as they go through their amazing transformation.

The first 10 educators get in free and there will be door prizes and giveaways. 

Instructors: Holly Hunter is a retired IT professional who now spends her time gardening for wildlife.  She runs a Monarch Way Station for her local library in Warr Acres, and she works with Okies For Monarchs and the Master Gardeners to install pollinator gardens in public spaces.

Jennifer Klein Plato provides habitat for Monarchs and Black Swallowtails at her home garden, Waystation. Last year alone, Jennifer raised and released over 150 monarch butterflies.

Stephanie Jordan is owner and Bee Herder at Slightly Buzzed Honey & Bee Products. A “Master Mom,” she releases over 100 Monarch butterflies each season. She works with Commonwealth Urban Gardens to select, raise and market many varieties of milkweed. 

an outstretched hand holds compost with worms in it


Sept 24th Soil, Compost & Recycling Fest

10 am to noon

 A free, family-friendly event for all ages! 

We’ll have hands-on demonstrations on making compost tea, building a worm bed, a compost bed and a simple compost sifter. Learn the how, where and why’s of soil testing, and how to turn red clay soil into fertile loam with cover crops. Hannah Braden from Fertile Ground will provide an inside scoop on how recycling actually works, and answer questions about best recycling practices in OKC. Event includes age-appropriate activities for kids through adults.  

Oct 8th – Black Gold: Making Your Own Compost

11 am to noon

Do you want to learn how to make that beautiful, rich, black substance we call “gardener’s gold”? David and Johnny B. have been building compost piles for many years, and have a profound appreciation for rot! David will show participants the composting operation at CommonWealth, and the elements that make it a success. Johnny B. will share methods of vermicomposting (composting with worms) suitable for your backyard.

Instructors: David Braden, compost master and co-founder of CommonWealth Urban Farms.

Johnny B. has been charmed by worms for over 40 years, and has introduced countless children and adults to the value of vermiculture.

Oct 22nd – Potluck in the Garden

Noon to 2 pm

This celebration of life in community at an urban farm is one of our favorite events of the year. Homemade music, tours of the farm, great food and hanging out with the community. Bring your favorite potluck dish and join us noon to 2 p.m.

Nov 26th – The Great Pumpkin Smash

10 am to Noon

This family-friendly event is free. Drop in between 10 am and noon.

What to do with all those pumpkins, once Thanksgiving is over and cold weather sets in? Bring them and the kids to CommonWealth, where we’ll make a big compost pile and everybody can toss and smash pumpkins to their hearts’ delight. Messy fun for the whole family! You can bring your leftover hay bales, too, and we’ll add them to the mix. 

Bonus activity: Tool Maintenance & Sharpening! 

David Nelms will provide an overview on tool maintenance, and how to safely sharpen your tools. Bring your own tool in need of sharpening, and learn how to sharpen it yourself!

Email with any questions and for more information.