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Olivia’s Pollinator Paradise Garden uaclogo

CommonWealth Urban Farms and the Urban Ag Coalition are partnering to grow a new Pollinator Paradise Garden to attract pollinators by providing food, water, shelter, and nest sites for pollinators. We will be growing many native plants to attract pollinators to our garden. You might ask ‘what exactly is pollination anyway’?  Pollination is the act of transferring or moving pollen grains from the male anther of a flower to the female stigma of the flower. This is the process of making seeds. When planted, seeds turn into fruits and vegetables as well as food for cattle and other animals. Why is pollination important?  Scientists estimate that 1 out of every 3 bites of food we eat exists because of pollination.

We’re expecting! Yes, in just a few weeks we expect to have many new additions to our garden. Butterflies, bees, beetles are just a few arrivals that will be coming to the garden to eat, drink, have babies and move pollen from flower to flower. So, these guests we’re expecting are very important to us and we’re so excited that they are coming.

We’re planting flowers, grasses and herbs so that the butterflies, bees, and other insects have a place to live or just stop by for a snack. We would love to have you visit our garden and explore the wonderful world of our pollinator home. Let us show you how you too can grow a pollinator garden to attract these important pollinators to your home. You can start with a flower in a pot or a garden. It’s easy and the rewards are fun and amazing.

-Jody Lesch