Weekend Seedling Sale 

Friday, May 25th, 4-6 pm
Saturday, May 26th, 9 am – 1 pm
1016 NW 32, OKC
 (in front of hoop house)

Looking for sweet potato slips?
We’re planting sweet potatoes on the farm this week, and we ordered extra so you can get some too. Sweet potatoes are easy to grow and fun to harvest. Beauregard sweet potatoes are a popular variety with high yields, great taste and good storage quality. 10 slips for $3 or 25 slips for $6.

Cucumbers & Okra & Peppers, oh my! 
Try some Armenian cucumbers this summer; they grow beautiful, striped fruits reaching 18″ or longer. Unusual and delicious. Or Diva, a wonderful cucumber well adapted to our hot summers. Plus, there are Clemson Spineless okra, eggplant, sweet pepper and mild chile pepper seedlings.

Dreaming of planting your own bouquet garden or herb garden this year? 
We’ve got you covered! We’re offering the best flower varieties that we grow on our flower farm, including our specialty zinnias, marigolds, cosmos, ornamental basils, ageratum and much, much more. Not only are they excellent cut flowers, they are highly attractive to pollinators, too. Herbs include Genovese basil, dill, lemongrass, toothache plant, catnip & catmint.

Seedling Spotlight: Zinnias

I confess. I used to detest zinnias. Bright, bold and brassy, zinnias are a neon type of flower. But when I first started growing cut flowers, I found zinnias listed as the top flower—not amongst the top, but THE top flower—on one after another Top Ten list by flower farmers across the country. OK, OK, I said, I’ll grow some zinnias. And grow they did! Endless blossoms in pink, coral, orange, scarlet, wine, purple, white & yellow, all thru the hot summer. Their eye-popping color quickly became an essential element in our bouquets, and they were equally eye-catching in the landscape. I became a zinnia convert.Zinnias hail from Mexico, which makes them good candidates for Oklahoma heat. Spaniards who encountered them in Mexico dubbed them “mal de ojos” meaning either “ugly to the eye” or that they are so bright they hurt your eyes. (I admit to feeling validated when I first heard this.)

Zinnias come as single, semi-double and double flowering; singles are more like daisies, and doubles look more like dahlias. For cut flowers, we grow Benary’s Giant zinnias almost exclusively. Tall plants, big flowers, long, sturdy stems—thank you, Benary.

Bees and butterflies flock to zinnias, too, making them a great pollinator plant. In mid-summer, our zinnia patch is a-flutter with our pollen-seeking friends. So plant some zinnias, and make everybody happy!

Garden School: Herbs 

Saturday, May 25th
11 am to noon

3310 N. Olie
$10 per person, $15 for couples/pairs,
free to volunteers. Pay upon arrival.

Due to the rainstorm last weekend, we moved our herb class to this Saturday. 

Growing and Using Your Sensory Herb Garden

Come learn how to plant, use and preserve those little leaves you’re so curious about—HERBS! Whether fresh, dried or infused, using herbs is a great way to season your favorite foods in a healthy, wholesome way. Spice up your garden and kitchen with basil, chives, rosemary, mint and more!

Bethany will offer sample recipes and demos (yum!) to help you find creative ways to integrate them into a healthy diet. Lia will involve participants in a hands-on demonstration of planting an herb garden. Plus you’ll have a chance to start some herbs by seed and by cuttings to take home.

Herb seedlings will also be available for sale.

Instructors: Bethany Williams, OU nutrition student and CommonWealth volunteer
Elia Woods, co-founder and farm manager of CommonWealth