Garden School: April 27: Plant a Bouquet Garden

Fill your home with flowers all summer long! Learn about the easiest flowers to grow in central OKC, from old friends like zinnias, sunflowers, marigolds and snapdragons to lesser-known beauties such as Asiatic lilies, lisianthus and ammi. We’ll show you how to plan and prepare your garden bed, and discuss seeds vs. transplants, annuals vs. perennials, and the benefits of trellising and succession planting. Participants are invited to start some flower seedlings of their own with seeds and supplies provided by CommonWealth.

Flower seedlings will also be available for sale.

Instructor: Elia Woods, co-founder and farm manager of CommonWealth

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Eating from the Garden: Spinach Lime Roll-Ups

Free Demo at 10:30 am, Saturday, April 20th
At the farm, 3310 N. Olie
Shelter provided in case of rain

Learn how to make THE best appetizer ever! Fresh spinach leaves are wrapped around a mixture of peanuts, coconut, ginger and lime for a mouthful of flavor. Bethany Williams will demonstrate how to make this traditional Thai appetizer using spinach straight from the hoop house at CommonWealth. Come taste!

Seedling Sale

Ready to plant your garden? We have a variety of seedlings available for sale every Saturday morning through the spring. Click here for details, updated weekly.

They came to Meet the Farmer. Our spring open house was a blast!


Jody made a call for cookies and so staff and volunteers brought platefuls of deliciousness laden with lavender short bread, oatmeal cookies, banana bark, lime bites. Guests also enjoyed an icy lemon balm grapefruit punch.
Thanh set up a table and demonstrated how to make spring rolls with greens and mint from the farm. (See below for recipe, instructions!)
All the farmers gave tours.
It was the first pickup day of the season for our CSA and so we got to welcome our new members and say hello to long-time veggie club enthusiasts.
The rain held off until 11 a.m. and so we had two happy hours of festivities.
Keep watch: This was so much fun, we’re going to do it again!

Thanh Shows How Simple it is To Make Your Own Spring Rolls


If you’re looking for a simple way to add greens to your diet, Thanh’s spring rolls are a must! They are scrumptious too.

  1. Moisten rice paper and lay it flat. (Available at Asian grocers.)
  2. Slather a generous dob of peanut butter or tahini (or both) on one side of the wet paper.
  3. Top it with fresh greens.
  4. Place strips of peeled jicama root on the greens.
  5. Place two mint leaves atop the jicama strips.
  6. If you want protein, add meat or tofu on top.
  7. Fold in the sides of the rice paper and roll it up.

There you have it: a quick nutritious healthy spring roll.
Thanh likes to have spring roll parties, in which she has all the ingredients ready and guests roll their own to their liking.

Guests who watched Thanh’s demonstration and ate the spring rolls on Saturday have since told us they went straight home and made more!

Meet our Apprentices: Ginger Sage

Though she grew up in Oklahoma, Ginger Sage has spent most of her life in Colorado. A year ago she and her family returned to Oklahoma, so that her children, ages two and four, could attend a special school for hearing impaired. It has been a wonderful turn of events, not only for the children but the entire family.

“We have met a wonderful community at the school, Hearts for Hearing. They have welcomed us,” says Ginger.

Too, she is bringing her family into another community here at CommonWealth. Currently an apprentice on the farm, she brought her family to the open house last Saturday. Children in hand, she said she wanted to show them where food comes from. And off they went into the rows of veggies.

“I want them to see where food comes from and appreciate it,” she says. “I want them to be open to trying vegetables. I think once we plant seeds, watch them sprout and then try what grows, they’ll be more open to eating vegetables.”

As a child, Ginger spent time on her grandparents’ farm near Bridge Creek, where they raised vegetables. “I remember snapping beans for my grandmother to can them.”

A former member and volunteer at a CSA in Denver, Ginger applied to be an apprentice at CommonWealth to learn to grow food at home. As an apprentice, Ginger, who is also a nurse, says she has already learned a great deal—about compost, how to prepare beds, setting up drip lines, how to use different tools. “A lot of logistics go into this operation. Already I feel empowered to create some of this in my own backyard.”

What to Plant this Week?
Check out our Beginning Gardener Video Series

We designed this video series to help beginners have a successful, productive garden. In small bites each week, we cover how to get started, where to find the stuff you need, what to plant and when to plant it, what to do when you spot a bug, how to water, how to harvest, and what to do with those yummy vegetables you’ve never eaten before.
This week: planting tomatoes. Check our Facebook page to view the latest video, or our youtube channel to see them all.
Planting Tomatoes