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CommonWealth Garden School

Urban Farm Tours

First Saturday of every month
9 – 9:45 am at CommonWealth Urban Farms, 3310 N. Olie, OKC

Join us for a guided tour of CommonWealth’s urban farm & composting operation, plus see what we’re planting & harvesting each month and learn about what you can be planting & harvesting in your garden at this time of year.


2017 Garden School Schedule

1 hour workshops unless otherwise noted
$5 per workshop

Workshops are family-friendly, often featuring a related children’s activity for kids 5 years and older – kids attend free!


Saturday, June 10: Wild About Birds
11 am to noon

Bring the family and let’s have fun learning about some of our wildlife neighbors with whom we share the outdoors. We’ll discover how birds are different from other animals, plus we’ll make bird feeders and do some bird watching. Join us and explore the fascinating world of birds.
Instructor: Jody Lesch, Garden School coordinator and resident “Bug Lady”

Saturday, June 24: Herb Gardening for Beginners
11 am to noon

Creating an herb garden, indoors or outdoors, will reward you with flavorful, healthy herbs. Herbs are simple and rewarding plants to try your hand at. There are many uses for herbs and we’ll have some favorite herb recipes to taste and share.
Instructor: Jody Lesch, Garden School coordinator and resident “Bug Lady”


Saturday, July 8: Composting & Vermicomposting
11 am to noon

Allen has been building compost piles, as well as composting with worms, for many years, and has a profound appreciation for rot! Participants will get an inside look into CommonWealth’s compost and worm bins, and learn the do’s and don’ts of building compost piles and worm bins to make that beautiful, rich, black substance we call “gardener’s gold”.
Instructor: Allen Parleir, co-founder of CommonWealth Urban Farms


Saturday, July 29: Microgreens & Shoots: Grow a mini garden on your Windowsill
11 am to noon

Want to grow highly nutritious, tasty greens in a tiny space? Then microgreens are for you. Lia will demonstrate how to plant and grow pea shoots, plus kale, radish, dill and basil microgreens, and teach us how to avoid common problems. Each participant will have a chance to plant a mini tray of microgreens to take home.
Instructor: Elia Woods, co-founder and farm manager of CommonWealth


Saturday, August 12: Three Cheers for Lactic Acid Bacteria!
11 am to noon

Learn about one of the components of the Korean Natural Farming method of cultivating indigenous microorganism to maintain soil fertility with no external inputs. David will show how he makes lactic acid bacteria (LAB) and uses it for faster composting, odor prevention, soil fertility and foliar sprays. David will also provide free samples of LAB to participants!
Instructor: David Braden, co-founder of CommonWealth Urban Farms


Saturday, August 26: Plan & Plant Your Fall Garden
11 am to noon

Fall is a wonderful time to garden in Oklahoma. Vegetables and gardeners alike love the cooler weather, and we (usually!) get rain. Knowing what and when to plant is critical to success. Lia will share her fall planting calendar along with tips for veggies best suited for fall & winter gardening.
Instructor: Elia Woods, co-founder and farm manager of CommonWealth


Saturday, Sept. 9: Backyard Hens
11 am to noon

Come meet some local hens and learn the basics about these fun and rewarding pets.  We will discuss how to buy chickens and how to care for them properly, including food, housing, and protection from predators.
Instructor: Sara Braden & several visiting hens. Sara is co-founder and assistant farm manager of CommonWealth Urban Farms.



Sept. 23 The New Victory Gardens Tour
Time: TBD

During WWII, more than 12 million Victory Gardens were planted in cities across the country, and home gardeners produced a third of all vegetables consumed in the U.S. Impressive! That “We Can Do It” attitude now inspires a new wave of home gardens, urban farms, and food forests around the country.

This comprehensive tour of CommonWealth Urban Farms and SixTwelve will include our vegetable gardens, cut flower gardens, compost operation, hoop house, rainwater harvesting systems, rain garden, food forest, chicken coop and our neighbors’ front yard gardens.
Instructors: CommonWealth team plus Paul Mays of SixTwelve


Oct: 7: Butterfly watch and Monarch tagging

Can you imagine putting a tag on a little butterfly wing?  Join us as we participate with Kansas University in their annual Monarch Watch that involves tagging and monitoring Monarch butterflies. Let’s see how many different species of butterflies we can find in the garden!
Instructor: Jody Lesch, Garden School coordinator and resident “Bug Lady”

October 21: TBD

Email for more information.