Just living is not enough… one must have sunshine, freedom,

and a little flower.

– Hans Christian Andersen


CommonWealth Urban Farms now offers local, sustainably grown  Slow Flowers!

Flowers, flowers and flowers – be still my beating heart! I truly love vegetables, and find them beautiful beyond words. But give me a field full of flowers… and something deep and vital wakes up. 

 lisianthus close up


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DIY Bouquets

Start with our flowers and make your own beautiful bouquets!

Pint Size Jar – $15: two bunches of flowers and foliage plus recycled pint jar

Pint jar price includes two bunches of flowers & foliage that you can combine to make a lovely bouquet. Pint jar bouquets are perfect for your table or desk where you don’t want a high profile blocking the view.

Quart Size Jar – $25: four bunches of flowers and foliage plus recycled quart jar

Quart jar price includes four bunches of flowers and foliage that you can arrange into one large or several small bouquets. Quart jar bouquets offer a big dose of color and beauty.

Reserve your flowers by email at least 3 days in advance and pick up on a Wednesday or Saturday from CommonWealth Urban Farms at 3310 N. Olie, OKC.

Click here to purchase a DIY Bouquet of either size.

Slow Flower Season Membership

Buy a weekly or every-other-week membership and get a 25-30% discount!

Pint Size Jar Season Membership

Pint jar flowers are $10 + sales tax for season members. Click here to buy a weekly season membership for $200 (20 weeks of flowers from May to October) or $100 for every-other-week membership (10 weeks of flowers, every other week, May to October).

Quart Size Jar Season Membership

Quart jar flowers are $20 each + sales tax for season members. Click here to buy a weekly season membership for $400 (20 weeks of flowers from May to October) or $200 for every-other-week membership (10 weeks of flowers, every other week, May to October). 


We offer custom-made arrangements from $30 and up. Let us know what you’d like, and we’ll give you suggestions re: what flowers we currently have available and what we think would be just-right for your needs.

Our arrangements reflect my aesthetics, which lean toward a grandmothers-flower-garden, romantic, wildflower look. If you want petal-perfect, formally composed arrangements, our Slow Flowers arrangements may not be for you.

We grow all the flowers for our Slow Flowers bouquets. We create our bouquets with what is in season. No zinnias in March, and no daffodils in September. It’s a local palette, full of fresh, seasonal, beautiful blooms. Contact us at info@commonwealthurbanfarms.com to order an arrangement!

bouquet, whites

What’s up with “Slow” Flowers?

Like Slow Food, Slow Flowers indicate an appreciation of what is local, seasonal and sustainable, a desire to support small farmers and family farms, and an emphasis on quality of life rather than speed or quantity.

When you buy a bouquet at the store, it’s worth asking:

Who grew the flowers?

Did they receive a living wage?

Were the flowers shipped in from another country? What is their carbon footprint? 

What chemicals were sprayed on them?

As with food, flowers give us the simple, profound pleasure that comes with noticing, with connection, and with beauty.

Slow Flowers means taking the time to smell the daisies – and peonies and sweet peas and lilacs!

– Elia Woods & the CommonWealth team


zinnia bouquet bright pink&red